How to Hide Sweat Stains in Your Tailored Shirts

Was a rather strange title for a sweat blog or a blog about sweat but we had to stay social and stay stylish no?

Stains are like allergies. Who needs them? Nobody but all bodies get it in some form. Some more than others. But today’s focus is on sweat stains. Won’t be talking about food or ink stains. Those can be avoided with some care but sweat stains? Its a little more stealth and it can literally creep up on you in places you won’t want to show.

But do stains hurt you? or hurt your mental state?

Can we be blunt? Let’s talk about why some of us sweat more than others and why some of us sweat without much strain or physical activity.

This is Singapore. Its a hot town and we are famous for being an air conditioned nation. Those of us predisposed to sweating will work up a sweat just staying still. If you’re waiting for your train, bus or transport its going to be tough to hide those stains. There is not much you can do right? Except make it as quick as possible to your office and let the air conditioning put some dryness back. Depending on how far you commute in terms of minutes this could be a daily social setback. Eyes rolling opposite you. Eyes doing an up down scan and settling on your armpits and maybe even right up your shirt front. It would appear (very unfortunately) for some that they would have just been through a rain storm when its all sunny outside. I will stay away from the smell topic because we are all talking appearances here.

SO how do we minimise the stain quotient?

  1. I personally like singlets or if you find that too “uncle” or looking like a white collar hawker then maybe an airism mesh vest from Uniqlo would do the trick. I have been ridiculed before about wearing singlets because it is visible and it does make you look kinda “uncle” but my retort has always been “wait till you have to run for your Uber or Grab who missed you standing at your GPS location”. Or the lift breaks down. Or the curry fish head was extra spicy and hot. You’ll wanna be reading my blog for the singlet or vest tip. An alternative could be t-shirts, to wick away sweat around armpit area too.

Source: http://www.thedistilledman.com/choosing-perfect-mens-undershirt/

  1. Some men may prefer to wear a light grey or nude undershirt. Why? These colours blend better with the skin. Contrary to popular belief, white under shirts are highly visible under white shirts.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/12dt3i/what_does_mfa_think_of_a_visible_white_tshirt/

  1. One of the most common mistakes would be wearing a white crew neck t-shirt underneath your dress shirts. But, as shown in the image above, a crew neck shirt is highly visible and causes you to loose your professional flair. Choose v neck shirt so your undershirt will still remain “invisible” after unbuttoning.

Source: https://www.thespruce.com/remove-underarm-stains-and-odor-2147284

  1. You may want to consider 100% cotton but in a colour that does not make you a spot target for armpit deodorants. Dark coloured shirts are very stylish but on a heavy sweat day this could be a disaster. SO there’s a case for white colours widely chosen by lawyers, accountants and management consultants. You’d have to strain your eyes to want to spot a sweat stain. Those of us who don’t sweat so easily and who really don’t want to wear and inner vest or singlet should be alright with 100% cotton.

I’d like to talk more about sweat stains but its really straight forward to go get a very light mesh vest from Uniqlo to go inside with your shirt outside. I know its just going to add to the cost of looking good or staying sweat stain free but what’s it going to be? Sweat City? Aircond nation? Or the high sweat stain quotient that will stick with you for the rest of your office career?

The social sweat stain situation is really a singlet solution away.

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