How Your Body Shape Affects Your Shirt’s Fit

It would be easy to just point to a link and watch a video on body types and how to look at your body type and follow the tips of the speaker. So here is the easy part and the link:


But this would be incomplete without making some comments and recommendations from my own experience. I would imagine that if you were just starting out in your working life you would be a nice rectangle shape or even an inverted triangle but we all eventually evolve into an oval shape by the time we hit our 50s. Would be quite a stretch to maintain an inverted triangle in a country like Singapore where the national pastime is eating and talking about eating.

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It’s important to know your shape because you need to wear well. So instead of saying you are what you eat you are what you wear so wear wear well. I am an oval shape and because I skate a lot it’s become even more disproportionate in that my lower body gives me a lumpy appearance.

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So what do I do? I try to be uniform . Yes, uniform. No I am not talking about wearing a uniform to work. I would try to wear shirts with colours matching quite closely to my normally dark pants. A dark colour would be just right. Not necessarily black but necessarily dark. It could be blue or brown or even purple but no light pastels like pink or light anything. Why? The oval will protrude and you will look very portly and have your view blocked looking at your feet.

We are mostly self conscious people especially when you hear friends and colleagues say “You put on weight no?”, “You’ve lost weight no? (no) and “You look really slim” That last one about being slim looking and yet oval shaped is a “stripes” thing. Wear the dark stripes and you can get away with it. That would get you from oval to svelte in a hurry.

Do take a look at the video and learn many things about yourself and your shape. Then go see your tailor and tell him (or her) your body type and have it confirmed by a fitting out. If you have shoulders like The Rock you don’t need shoulder pads. Many of us really don’t know how important it is to wear well because we have no problems here about eating well.

Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/dwayne-johnson-MGSnUzpKbuNTG

We wear well because we will win over women who will want winsome winks. A singles tip. Have a great wear week.

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